Skoda Superb iV
ŠKODA Superb iV Hybrid Introducing the ŠKODA Superb iV Hybrid
ŠKODA Superb iV Hybrid

The Superb iV is Skoda's first model with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, combining the best of electric and conventional Skoda technology for an eco-friendly yet dynamic drive.

The Skoda Superb iV is available in both the Hatch or Estate body style and has a drive system that combines a petrol engine and electric motor that delivers a maximum of 160 kW (218bhp) and a torque of up to 400 Nm. All of this with CO2 emissions of less than 40g/km.

The Superb iV comes with three additional driving modes; E-mode, Hybrid and Sport-mode, and by combining the powers of both electric and petrol, you can expect mileage range of up to 930 km

Exterior The stylish, self-assured exterior design of the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV makes an impression from any angle. An imposing grille and extra-large wheels create presence on the road, while elegantly sculpted lines run from the rear all the way through to the impressive LED matrix headlights. The car has been given extra length and width to give you plenty of space, including a 585-litre boot.
Intelligent, Innovative & intuitive ALWAYS CONNECTED The ŠKODA Superb iV gives you the latest third-generation infotainment systems packed with advanced features. The built in eSIM ensures that you are always online and in conjunction with ŠKODA Connects new Remote Access Services allows you to control battery charging, or turn on the air-conditioning before a drive, remotely with a smartphone. Thanks to the Superb iV's smart assistance systems, you’ll also know the best places to park, shortcuts to take and routes to avoid, and the new Smartgate feature enables you to record and analyse your drive.
Plug-in Hybrid CONVENIENT CHARGING The SUPERB iV can be charged in four different ways. It can be fully charged in about three and a half hours using the Mode 3 charging cable and a wall box with a charging output of 3.6 kW. Using the Mode 2 cable together with a standard household three pin plug socket, it is possible to charge the battery in approximately five hours. While in motion, the SUPERB iV can charge its battery or maintain the battery level using regenerative braking and also power from the petrol engine.
e-charge card E-MOBILITY INFRASTRUCTURE The infrastructure for the operation of electrified vehicles is growing day by day. A single ŠKODA e-charge card means there are no problems making payments to different operators. If you charge your car at home overnight, you will save on costs because of the lower electricity prices that come with the advantageous tariffs offered by energy operators.